Knowist Virtual Academy

Knowist Virtual Academy will be launching later this year. It will contain a collection of on-demand versions of our most popular training courses from Knowist Live Academy. We approach each topic with the simple idea – what are all the varied ways in which we can genuinely help knowledge professionals explore this topic? Hence we structure each of our courses on the idea of a university for a day – each comes with the (virtual) capabilities of a university but dedicated to that specific topic. We believe such a blended concept is most productive.

A Virtual University For A Day With The Learning Quadrangle


Many prominent universities around the world are structured around a quadrangle, a rectangular-like structure with space on each side for a variety of learning capabilites and an area in the middle where university stakeholders: students, graduates, professors, external visitors - can interact, ask questions and exchange ideas. Spaces for learning come in the form of large theatres for lectures and demonstrations; libraries to help student discover more about topics; labs where students can explore and practise with what they are learning; and halls for examinations to assess students' new found competencies. There are many approaches to learning. We strongly believe a combination delivers the optimum learning experience and is far superior to any single approach to learning.

This template for a course provides a multi-paradigm integrated learning experience that helps you broaden and deepen you knowledge of a variety of technologies and business areas. At the heart of our offering is a virtual learning quandrangle. We provide a transient university formed around a quadrangle, with a hub in the middle, and at each side, a collection of virtual theatres, libraries, labs and halls. Essentially, we comprehensively answer this question for each subject area we cover: 'what are all the ways in which we can help a student learn this topic, all within one day?' Our target audience consists of graduate-level knowledge professionals who are already working in industry or research institutions. They are very busy people but still need to constantly update their skillset to keep up with a fast-moving world. Hence all our courses are just one-day in duration and provide intensive coverage of a specific topic. Our on-demand learning can be completed in a single focused day or spread out over a few days with a few hours each day, enabling you to learn when and where you decide and at a pace that suits you. By clearly assuming a certain prior set of competencies (stated in each course's datasheet), we can provide detailed and brisk in-depth exploration of a specific topic to bring knowledge professionals of a common experience level up to speed in that area. Essentially we provide a virtual university for a day dedicated to a specialist topic. Let's take a tour.

learning quadrangle

Theatre (learn)

Library (discover)

Lab (explore)

Hall (assess)

Hub (interact)

In addition to the above main areas of the learning quadrangle, in the middle we have a hub where participants can interact. The social aspect of learning is very important as it maintains engagement and helps students get over problem points. Interaction is important for everything we offer, and in addition to integrating the hub with individual services, such as Knowist Academy, we also bring all hub content together in a single destination, known as Knowist Hub.

Noticeboard (introduce)

At the 'virtual' entrance we have a noticeboard, with introductory information about the course, such as: