Knowist Mentoring Academy

Knowist Mentoring Academy is our mentoring service for enterprise development and operations teams using the latest technologies.

Imagine you and your engineering team are about to embark on a new project using unfamiliar technologies. It is likely you will be slowed down as you encounter various issues / question the right approach. You are not sure of industry trends in that area. You need recommendations for platforms, frameworks and tooling. You have unanswered queries about how best to organize your company's product development pipeline. You also need proactive notifications of the latest developments across the ecosystem and how they might affect your specific projects. You may wish to have an external expert review your product's messaging (data sheets, product evaluation guides, etc), particularly those aimed at an IT Pro and/or developer community.

You could try Googling for answers (works well sometimes, not so well other times) or asking on StackOverflow (but you really do not want your company's future plans broadcast to all on the Internet). Or you could try hiring an outside consultant to work full time with your team for a while (expensive, and takes time to arrange).

Now Knowist is offering you a third way – mentoring. This is an email-based service with same-day responses provided by experts. The range of topics for which we offer mentoring is the same as that for which we provide training (